Dark & Gothic Discovery Set


These fragrances are a cold finger on the back of your neck, an eerie whisper in the night. From a blood red rose, to a dusty crypt, these scents embrace the darkness in life.

Combining rose with patchouli can bring out the thorns and earth. Spiritual imagery can be conjured with the use of incense, myrrh, sandalwood and oud. Some fragrances use earthy, damp and musty notes to evoke the feel or a grave, cave, tomb or a forgotten space. The scent of leather can mean the seat of a new Jaguar to some, or a thigh-high boot and riding crop to another.

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Dark & Gothic fragrances, which includes samples of the following:


Anatole Lebreton - Grimoire - 1 ML
Francesca Bianchi - The Black Knight - 1 ML
Les Parfums De Rosine - Ballerina N°3 - 1 ML
Nicolai - Incense Oud - 1 ML
Papillon - Anubis - 1 ML
Prissana - Haxan - 1 ML
Puredistance - Black - 1 ML
Rania J - Oud Assam - 1 ML
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Mortal Skin - 1 ML
Zoologist - Moth - 1 ML


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