Marlou Paris



Hancrafted Luxury Unisex Perfumes

A subtly metallic, peppered beginning gives way to a more resinous heart and powder accents. Elegant, quaint, unnerving, the perfume settles down and sinks into the skin, becomes one with and gives voice to the flesh, warms the pores, exudes once more. A waxen, oily appearance emerges, softly saline.

Then, sweeping in from scorching sands, drops of sun spring forth to wither the everlasting desires, those which cling to the secretions of the flesh in exultation, in the throes of passion aroused by this fleeting and mortal existence.

-- Pink Peppercorn. Cumin. 
-- Incense. Ylang. 
-- Dune plants. Castoreum. Costus.

Size: 50ml

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