Dama Koupa



Marzipan | Iris | Bold

The Queen of Hearts, she baked some tarts.

A huge, gourmand Iris scent that is both classic and modern. Dama Koupa means Queen of Hearts in Greek (perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos grew up in Athens).

After a brief blast of almond, iris immediately commandeers this fragrance, making a grand, powdery statement. Almond later returns, this time in the form of a marzipan-like macaron and it’s joined by the apricot jam of osmanthus flower. It’s as if macarons have been baked with a big dollop of orris butter and osmanthus absolute has been smeared in between the two layers. If only!

The iris eventually becomes more dry and woody, with fir balsam, amber and musk giving a warmth and depth. Whilst Dama Koupa certainly has a gourmand side, Dama Koupa still feels primarily an Iris fragrance. Excellent work from Spyros here.

Being Extraits, Baruti fragrances should only require 1-3 sprays per wearing.

Powdery Top: Iris, Almond
Sweet, Rich Heart: Macaron, Iris, Osmanthus
Bold Musky Base: Fir Balsam, Iris, Beeswax, Musk, Amber

Perfumer: Spyros Drosopoulos


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