Les Indemodables

Cuir de Chine



Transparent | Osmanthus | Leather

Cuir de Chine reinterprets the leather style, which is prone to repetitious smoky tropes. Leather morphs into something of a magical flower, with osmanthus – the emblematic flower of China – reading as mystical flesh: skin and fruit alike. Harmonising with cool clary sage and tender white jasmine petals, this total work is tannic overall, with fine lines of astringency detected throughout: slightly powdery, grippy, brisk, and dry, serving as a base for a flourish of spicy and moist tobacco.

There is darkness at times, like fine shadows, but this is marked by transparent, glassy streaks of light. The florals notes come across as fruity, tea-like, and slightly indolic, whereas osmanthus presents a peachy-apricot aspect. Radiant and incredibly fine.

Chinese Osmanthus alcoolat Grand Cru 10%,
Egyptian late-crop Jasmine absolute Grand Cru 1%,
Chinese Osmanthus absolute 1%,
Turkish Mild Tobacco absolute 0.2%
Contains Clary Sage oil from the Alps

Maturation: 3 weeks
Maceration: 3 weeks

Top Notes: Osmanthus, Clary Sage
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Leather, Tobacco

Perfumer: Florence Fouillet Dubois


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