Hilde Soliani

Crema di Latte



Generosity and comfort, Crema di Latte is a study of sweet creamy textures. The distinctive smell of milk is enhanced with vanilla and sugar to present a mellow and warm fragrance, reminiscent of the most delicious of desserts and the giddy saccharine joys of youth.

Sweet yet balanced, Crema di Latte draws out nuance upon nuance, the point where sugar turns into gorgeously chewy caramel, and where cream is punctuated and deepened with citrus and spice.

There is something lively to Crema di Latte, as the deeply mellow and lactic base undulates and engulfs the total composition. Like a scent in glorious transition, between two states of being, Crema di Latte is rounded and yet featuring a distinct point of emphasis and charm: mountainous mounds of fluffy whipped cream and pools of custard are sliced with a razor as sharp as citrus zest and as fiery as cinnamon.

Notes: Milk, Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lemon


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