Cobalt Amber


Vanilla | Warm | Spicy

For the head-turner

A chic sultry oriental, where bright pink pepper and juniper berry give this classic amber a modern twist.

Mystical, long-lost elegance, moving at high speed, racing, finding your way, losing your way... meseta central by horse, falling evening, by surprise, from your veranda, the beauty of the steppe... dreaming in the daytime, exploring without fear, living in the night, searching, gazing out of your window... one thousand and one nights, grandeur of majesty, sweet taste of fresh fruit, fading, the last moment before sunset…

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Cacao, Tonka
Base Notes: Amber

All Abel ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantee fair trade and sustainable farming practices.

Perfumer: Isaac Sinclair


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