Cio Cio San


Fruity | Elegant | Yuzu

An utterly refined fragrance inspired this time not by the shores and cultures of the Mediterranean, but by 19th century Japan.

An intoxicating explosion of fruity and flowery notes, followed by infinitely refined and delicate accords that evoke the elegance and subtlety of Japanese gardens and tea houses.

This joyous and romantic fragrance has naturally been named Cio Cio San, or Mrs Butterfly, a homage to Puccini’s heroine in the namesake opera.

Top Notes: Yuzu, Lime, Ginger, Grapefruit 
Heart Notes: Cherry Flowers, Peony, Litchi, Oolong Tea
Base Notes: Guaiac, Cedar, Musk, Oolong Tea

Perfumer: Cecile Zarokian


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