Maria Candida Gentile



A harking back to secretive alchemy is concealed in the enigmatic rose accords, working their magic ever more explicitly the deeper they get. Innovative and spiritual.

Cinabre is a delightful discovery for rose lovers everywhere, and is one of the most visionary of Maison MCG’s creations. Classic rose essence is revamped, with a never-heard-before olfactory language. The pioneering nature of the accords is hidden in the alchemical interpretation at the heart of the perfume, gathered and macerated using spagyric methods.

The cutting-edge part owes thanks to the alchemy rose from the illuminating Renaissance period, with the replication of the Ayrshire rose Splendens, a rare myrrh-scented rose from the sixteenth century.

Top Notes: Ginger, Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Splendens Rose, Moroccan Rose, Davana
Base Notes: Benzoin, Vanilla, Opoponax


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