Champs Lunaires


Tuberose | Creamy | Silky

An intangible summer night. Moonlit fields of white flowers.

Champs Lunaires is an ode to tuberose, perhaps the most intoxicating of all the white florals. Manuel Cross sought to highlight all of its facets with this soliflore - crisp, green, camphorous, creamy, waxy, fruity.  

In particular, the creamy facet of tuberose is so perfectly portrayed. Using coconut as a medium, the milky whiteness of this flower is amplified. A white rose petal accord gives some soft freshness, and follows well from the pomelo of the opening. Champs Lunaires rounds off with musk and sandalwood, with the tuberose remaining throughout.

It’s got the best of both Piguet’s Fracas and Lutens’ Tubereuse Criminelle, without the bombastic nature of either.

Crisp, Stemmy Top: Pomelo, Tuberose
Creamy Floral Heart: Tuberose, White Rose, Coconut Milk
Creamy, Musky Base: Musk, Sandalwood 

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


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