Subtle Bodies*

Ceramic Incense Holder*


A stunning ceramic incense chamber, rough textured and worn to evoke the feeling of an ancient found artefact. Vaguely familiar and intriguing, with the sentiment of a religious icon from times past. The vessel sits with presence, as a sculptural and striking objet d'art.

Made in collaboration with Australian artist Irene Grishin-Selzer. Our incense chamber has been designed to channel wisps of trailing smoke upward as the vessel contains the burning incense stick and falling ash is collected on the internal tray.
Included with each is a solid brass holder to keep the incense stick vertical within the cavity.

Volume: 190MM X 150MM
Material: Slip Cast Ceramic

About The Source

Irene Grishin-Selzer mixes her clay with layers of soil, sand and clay from her two studio locations in Boon Wurrung (Southern Victorian) and Waywurru (North Eastern Victorian) country. Combining the soil with clay, pigments, oxides and glazes is a tangible way to help define the shape of time and a sense of place. The build-up of textures enables a script of mark making that fuses together when fired to make ceramic paintings as thin as paper but strong as stone.
Her work is a literal and powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of nature where all things both animate and inanimate, past and present are intrinsically linked.

Care Instructions

Being of a porous ceramic, a patina will develop as residue from smoke deposits itself on the walls and the ritual burning of incense leaves its indelible mark upon the vessel.
The rough surface finish textures are hand made & individual to every unique piece. Each incense holder is a hand cast edition that will have textural, glaze, profile and colour variations to make it truly unique.

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