Silken | Buttery | Woods

Affinessence has selected three Natural Essences of Cedar (Moroccan Atlas, Texas and Virginia) and blended them with precision to enhance the vibrancy of the most precious and refined Natural ingredient: Pallida Iris or Florentine Iris Absolute.

A drop of Benzoin and a dash of Myrrh mellow and soften this woody-powdery base with their tender caress, while Guaiac Wood, bolstered by Incense, turns its natural restlessness into an almost electric energy.

This is a fragrance that will stir the senses to their very depths with its breathtaking fusion of sophisticated, intensely lingering scent and Musky sensitivity.

Top Notes
: Cedar
Heart Notes: Cedar, Iris, Incense, Myrrh
Base Notes: Iris, Cedar, Musk, Guiaic Wood, Benzoin

Perfumer: Nicolas Bonneville


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