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Anise | Dry | Herbal

Nemo me impune lacessit – the Order of the Thistle. The defiant motto of Scotland, an ancestral virtue.

The thistle is the iconic emblem of Scotland. This thorny flower defines the rugged beauty of the windswept highlands and heaths. Carduus takes that image and projects it into the air around the wearer.

With its brilliant anise opening, Carduus begins fresh and bright, then some medicinal chamomile and herbal marjoram join this olfactory diorama. Carduus gradually unravels and the green fades to brown with honey, clary sage, and dried highland botanicals. There is an impression of immortelle here, which further heightens the dry, woody, herbal feel as the fragrance progresses. Mahogany wood, leaf tobacco and cocoa conclude the story. As per Euan McCall’s signature style, Carduus is a weird and wonderful botanical scent that is equal parts intriguing as it is wearable.

Anisic, Herbal Top:
Vetch, Aniseed, Chamomile, Marjoram, Sea-Holly

Dry Scrubland Heart:
Clove, Honey, Rose, Tuberose, Musk-Thistle, Clary Sage

Woody, Earthy Base:
Mahogany, Cocoa, Tobacco, Cherrywood

Pairs withTrimerous


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