Lightly Smoky | Luxurious | Woody

The smell of wood smoke is so entwined in our humanity that it’s almost impossible not to love.

Perfumare is Latin meaning "to smoke through", the origin of the word perfume. The ancient art of perfumery was revered and refined by the Romans and Capua was the heart of the perfume industry.

This is predominantly a cedar fragrance, but all the facets of this wonderful wood are on show. So often in niche perfumery, smoky notes overwhelm any subtlety and it’s a knife-edge act for the perfumer to balance such notes. Thankfully, with Capua, you simply get a perfect light toast and char around the woody core. It’s great to see such a wearable example of this note as a perfume.

Vetiver is intermingled with the cedar but never dominates, whilst Cashmeran gives a velvety texture.

Medicinal Top:

Smoky Woody Heart:

Warm Woody Base:
Cedar, Vetiver, Amber, Kashmir Wood

Perfumer: Christian Provenzano


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