Maria Candida Gentile



Totally seductive, sensual, ambiguous and drop-dead gorgeous. The most playful of them all, irreverent and yet innocent, female, never to be taken for granted. Pure brilliance.

Burlesque loves playing and being noticed, grabbing all the attention with its floral amber soul, opening in the top notes with orange before developing iris and rose in the female heart of the perfume, and ending with incense and patchouli in the base notes. Burlesque is a merry-go-round of supple and intriguing sensations, never clichéd, for a discerning, sentient, free-spirited woman. A magnetic game that fills the senses and expands the perceptions, with its innovative and fascinating patchouli scent.

Top Notes: Blood Orange
Heart Notes: Iris, Rose
Base Notes: Incense, Patchouli


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