Bullfrog Discovery Set


Bullfrog was born from an idea of Romano Brida, eventually becoming a franchise of barbershops and unique men's products.

The first Bullfrog salon opened its doors in the Isola neighbourhood of Milan in 2013.

Due to popular demand, Bullfrog had a number of their scented products reformulated as fine fragrance, giving a greater complexity and development on skin. Bullfrog's collection of fragrances are bold and distinctive, with masculine and unisex sensibilities.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Bullfrog fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Agnostico Distillate - 1 ML
Air - 1 ML
Earth - 1 ML
Elisir No.1 Deadly Nightshade - 1 ML
Elisir No.2 Palo Santo - 1 ML
Elisir No.3 Dark Honey - 1 ML
Fire - 1 ML
Secret Potion No.1 - 1 ML
Secret Potion No.2 - 1 ML
Secret Potion No.3 - 1 ML
Water - 1 ML


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