Boozy Discovery Set


Be it cocktails, whisky, Cognac, rum, gin, wine, or even beer, Boozy is an eclectic category of scents. Materials such as labdanum and vanilla have natural boozy properties, and absolutes of Cognac or Rum can be used in addition to a variety of aromachemicals to achieve an accord.

These fragrances can feature anything from a fresh mojito or gin accord in a summertime eau de cologne, to a rich, rum & raisin chocolate in a Gourmand. Just go easy on the sprayer if you’re the designated driver, or going to that 9AM meeting in the office!

We have carefully curated this Discovery Set of 10 Boozy fragrances, which includes samples of the following:


4160 Tuesdays - Captured By Candlelight - 1 ML
Bruno Fazzolari - Corpse Reviver - 1 ML
Francesca Bianchi - Sticky Fingers - 1 ML
Imaginary Authors - Saint Julep - 1 ML
Les Indemodables - Vanille Havane - 1 ML
Libertine Fragrances - Troubled Spirits - 1 ML
Masque Milano - Montecristo - 1 ML
Parfum D'Empire - Ambre Russe - 1 ML
Strangers Parfumerie - Cigar Rum - 1 ML
Jazmin Sarai - Led IV - 1 ML


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