Boiseries Diffuser

All the Nicolai home fragrances are made with the best raw materials. Room sprays and reed diffusers are produced using the same techniques of maceration, icing, filtering and conditioning, as with the perfumes.

Wood is one of the key raw materials in perfumery. After Australian sandalwood, Virginia cedar or even Siberian pine, Patricia de Nicolaï explored a rather unknown and yet intoxicating woody note: oak wood. Boiseries is a walk in the forest, punctuated by the scent of freshly cut oak and its comforting, woody, warm and powerful fragrance. Spicy, smoky and syrupy facets underline the charm of this majestic wood.

A tribute to the nobility of this tree and an ode to the most beautiful forests in which it is good to escape!

Enjoy the natural warmth and ambience of Nicolaï Reed Diffusers. Our luxurious fragrances will lift the spirit of your rooms. Easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuously fragrances.

Remove the cap of the perfume bottle, and insert the reeds. For stronger and more immediate action, flip the sticks upside down from time to time; for lighter diffusion remove some reeds. The fragrance will absorb into the reed sticks and diffuse into the air. One bottle lasts more than 8 weeks.

Notes: Cedar, Pine, Birch, Oak


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