Les Parfums De Rosine

Bleu Abysse



The infinity of the ocean. The unexpected, jarring worlds of rose gardens and calm seascapes. A whiff of eternity ahead.

If you have always been doubtful of marine fragrances, with their sports blue bottles aimed at men alone; if you have always liked roses, but found them too prim, old-fashioned and ladylike in the fragrance section; if you like calmness and discretion, but yearn for something unusual, Bleu Abysse is the scent for you.

The vivid blue bottle of Bleu Abysse tells the story of this underwater garden by the shade. At once peppery and marine, the rose surfaces underneath unmistakably, but unlike any other rose fragrance you have ever smelled.

The molecule Algenone provides an impression of algae, as if they kiss the rose with their salty herbal kiss, while a vetiver garland is present with its cool grassy feel as well, placing the fragrance out of the Jane Austen novels and into a contemporary sensibility which beguiles men and women alike. The vast azure stretch of the ocean never seemed quite as inviting. Dip into it!

Top Notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Cassis
Heart Notes: Rose, Mineral Accord
Base Notes: Oud, Patchouli, Vetiver, Seaweeds, Incense

Perfumer: Serge de Oliveira


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