Black Caviar



Hedonistic | Marine | Salty Herbs

Caviar was, and still remains, a symbol of hedonistic luxury. Black Caviar draws from dark, salty notes and marries them with fresh herbal and woody facets.

A fresh sea-breeze of caviar and wisps of woods. Next, sage is the hero, supported by lavender and rosemary. Throughout the life of the fragrance, this salty sage note persists, all the while, an earthy nest of vetiver and patchouli emerges.

For those seeking the feel of an aromatic aquatic scent, without an overdose of the clichéd, garish aroma-chemicals that many people despise.

Perfumer: Marco Genovese

Woody Top:
Caviar, Oud, Cedar

Aromatic Heart:
Lavender, Sage, Rosemary

Woody Base: 
Vetiver, Patchouli


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