Black 100ML



Mysterious | Dark | Woody

Created by the prolific and groundbreakingly creative perfumer Antoine Lie, Puredistance Black is a luxurious woody scent shrouded in mystery.
Black is very layered and wears close to the skin; softly but confidently announcing itself. It manages to draw attention without ever being boisterous or impolite. This is a fragrance that is veiled, full of intrigue, and charmingly mysterious. To reveal too much would be counter-intuitive, and as such, Puredistance have not disclosed any notes.
To our nose, Black is dark and woody, hinting at cedar, oud and patchouli, or at least an effect that could be achieved by including notes such as these. There's a resinous, spicy feel, perhaps labdanum and spices. A leathery, slightly smoky touch can be felt throughout.

100ml Puredistance Black Perfume Flacon in a classic black giftbox, with handmade leather holder.

In keeping with the concept of Purdistance Black, notes are not disclosed.

Perfumer: Antoine Lie


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