Etat Libre D'Orange




Rich, feminine, gourmand, between savoury and sweet…

“Farewell, bijou romantique” says Corto Maltese to Pandora Grovessnore; he’s the graphic novel sailor of gypsy origin, pierced ear and all, who charmed the European youth of the 1970s. Thankfully État Libre d'Orange captured that line for posterity in their delicious, ethereal gourmand fragrance, halfway between a classical structure and modern effects.

The mastery of Mathilde Bijaoui, the innovator behind Mugler’s Womanity unusual accord of fig & caviar lies in bridging the uppermost layer of soft rosy- citrusy spice (pink peppercorns, bergamot and lemon) with the caramel-like benzoin resin and creamy vanilla on the bottom. She accomplishes that with the Mane Laboratory captive molecule EVEE as well as Jungle Essence technology which allows a natural footprint from materials not previously extractable. The impression is saturated at first, but soon gets diluted into cascades of chocolate-y vetiver and iris, with patchouli as a supporting character to the floral note of ylang ylang; a flower that smells a bit like jasmine, but more tropical.

It smells the way Pandora looks, whose “price is far above rubies”, as the Scriptures say. Who are we to disagree?

Notes: Bergamot & Italian Lemon, Pink Berries Essence, Iris Of Tuscany, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Coconut Je, Vetiver From Haiti, Benzoin, Vanilla, Patchouli…


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