Berlin im Winter



Warm | Complex | Lightly Smoky

Intimate and cosy nights by the fireplace in winter.

Berlin Im Winter is a unique web of notes, from mastic to coffee to plum. This slightly eccentric hybrid of oriental and fougère genres also has some gourmand leanings, yet at the same time, it’s smoky.

Fruity blackcurrant and plum meld with lavender, which pushes the fragrance in a herbal, aromatic direction towards the medicinal, sacred resins of mastic and myrrh. A kick of whisky-spiked coffee awakens the senses for a while, before the hypnotic, sedate lures of oud and myrrh draw you in.

We would suggest wearing Berlin In Winter in the cooler months, particularly of an evening. Being Extraits, Baruti fragrances should only require 1-3 sprays per wearing.

Fruity Aromatic Top: Blackcurrant, Plum, Lavender
Rousing, Warm Heart: Mastic, Coffee, Whisky, Tonka Bean
Smoky, Cosy Base: Oud, Myrrh

Perfumer: Spyros Drosopoulos


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