Orto Parisi



Bergamask is a very bold fragrance. It is an actual recreation of the feeling of attraction and repulsion through the combination of two very different fragrance ingredients – Calabrian bergamot and musk.

First, being known as a very fresh and blooming citrusy note, second,
an extremely strong animalic note. Although fresh in the beginning, the second stage of this fragrant play is aggressively extensive and extremely long-lasting. Like a freshly cut bergamot peel, this is an odor of a fresh kill with a sheer amount of perspiration.
Eau de cologne type of fragrances are usually very volatile and fade after a short period of time. The Nose wanted to create the most enduring hesperidic note with the main raw material that comes from Italy. Bergamask is the most long-lasting agrumic fragrance ever created.

The meaning of the sweat plays a big role in the creation of this fragrance. Sweat is the
representation of what you are at this very moment: how you feel, what you eat, what do you do with your body, which are your habits, how do you move, if you move etc. By sweat one can indicate whether one likes his partner or not. You will smell the right one out of thousands.

Sweat has no masks, it can be either extremely attractive or awfully repulsive.

The cap is an antique gold metal cap with an inlaid light horn that comes from Ethiopia and Somalia.


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