Amber, Honeysuckle, Java Vetiver, Labdanum, Musk, Patchouli, Soil, Soot, Wool

Meaning blanket in Turkish, Battaniye represents intimacy, familiarity, and comfort. The rich but aerated patchouli is the star of this tactile fragrance, offering a respite from the elements and a moment to recollect yourself.

"Before being inspired for Battaniye, I had given up on trying to make a non-redundant amber. It was originally made for a friend who moved back to the California countryside after spending decades in chaotic Manhattan. I drew my inspiration from an evening in Trabzon, when watching a storm from the balcony embraced by my old blanket. Watching this chaos from a protected place reduced it to a spectacle held at arms-length.." - Pekji


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