Bruno Fazzolari

Au Delà - Narcisse



Tousled sexy, intoxicating, sensual and animalic for good measure. 

A fragrance of green, floral chypre ambience, to make you lose your heart in…

Vaguely reminiscent of such classic gems as Guerlain’s Chamade and Chanel no.19, but much more sensual, Au Delà Narcisse profits from an exceptional yield of narcissus absolute from the mountaintops of France, garlanded with an armful of jasmine petals, painstakingly picked by hand in the early hours of dawn. These naturally derived absolutes dictate an artisanal fragrance, with only seasonal production in a limited amount of bottles.

The phenol content of narcissus brings on a compelling sweetly tarry quality, reminiscent of horse riding, subtracting from the stiffness of this category of floral chypres. This makes it suitable for men as well as women, as it twists the classic specimens of the 1970s it sprang out of. But the best part is kept within the scent’s heart of hearts; Fazzolari’s formula uses real oakmoss, in the maximum quota allowed for contemporary fragrances, and real labdanum collected off the hair of grazing goats on those rural slopes…Sublimely decadent.

Top Notes: Bergamot
Heart NotesNarcissus, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base NotesOakmoss, Amber


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