Atlas Cedar


Collection Homme Atlas Cedar

The cedar in itself evokes a majestic image; the Atlas magnifies it further still. In defining his fragrance, Jean-Charles Brosseau needed nothing more than these two words. This delicate work, making something so small into such an immense source of joy, could only be accomplished by a perfectionist.

“Atlas Cedar” is a fragrance for connoisseurs, quite sophisticated and with an exotic character.

The beginning is woody, green and fruity (with citrus and rhubarb). Then, the heart notes reveal a stream of spices. At last, the fragrance is evolving towards a woody wake mixed with amber.

Head Note:  Bergamot - Tangerine – Clementine -
Rhubarb - Melon - Green & Ozonic notes

Heart Note: Nutmeg
Cinnamon - Cardamom -

Base Note: Orris root -Sandalwood -
Thuja Wood -
Oakmoss - Vetiver -
Amber - Musk

Size: 50ml 

Type: EDT


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