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The world dissolves and time slips…

Athenaeum is the distillation of a once forgotten yet fond olfactory memory, awakened upon a chance encounter at the local athenaeum. It is the fragmented and hazy reminiscence of a rural childhood found once more in the urban landscape.

Upon entering the athenaeum one is struck by the overwhelming aroma of degrading pulp and ink, shrouded in a haze of sun-kissed dust. Without haste, the smell transports you to arable mid-summer fields and days lost in swaying pastures, nose buried in hundreds of papery leaves, crops and mulchy woodland all around.

Like gauzy sunshine whistling through rugged lands, Athenaeum is as comforting as it is solitary. A fragrance crafted for reflection.

Athenaeum expertly showcases sustainably-sourced, hand harvested Scottish Lavender. Jorum Studio Athenaeum is the first master-crafted perfume to make use of Scottish-grown, harvested and distilled biodynamic perfume materials.

Top Notes: Scottish Lavender, Beeswax, Fennel, Apple, Honey
Heart Notes: Hyacinth, Flouve, Ink, Oak
Base Notes
: Neroli, Patchouli, Leather, Gurjun Balsam

Pairs with: Carduus & Medullary-Ray


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