April Aromatics - Discovery Set


April Aromatics is a natural perfume line, created by Tanja Bochnig, artisan, natural perfumer.  

The line represents a range of natural perfumes and follows a holistic approach. The ingredients are from pure and natural origin whenever possible. Their perfumes are unique and hand blended with love and care. April Aromatics is committed to use the highest quality of natural essences available from nature.

April Aromatics does not use animal derived ingredients, such as civet or ambergris, with the exception of beeswax extract in one perfume. The valuable perfumes are unique with regard to their formulation. Every scent is infused with individually chosen essences of semiprecious stones, which afford energy and harmony to the wearer. Each perfume is a journey in itself. 

We have compiled this Discovery Set of April Aromatics fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Bohemian Spice - 1 ML
Calling All Angels - 1 ML
Jasmina - 1 ML
Lavandeluce - 1 ML
Lotus Rising - 1 ML
Nectar Of Love - 1 ML
Rose L'Orange - 1 ML
Unter Den Linden - 1 ML


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