Anatolia Anatolia


Based on the same formula as Anatolia Extrait de Parfum, with double the concentration of the original (49% concentration)

More natural oud oil has been added, from Thailand and India. 

This is an extreme concentration of exotic olfactive journey to ancient times.

Same story, Different result.


Turkish Delight and Turkish Leather? Yes please. 

Anatolia Anatolia takes these two very different things and bridges them together, as only Prin Lomros could. Dessert-like notes of apple, cinnamon, honey, cacao and loukhoum are a contrast to smoky leather, oak and incense. The honey and patchouli act as chaperones to make this merger a grand success. With the addition of even more natural oud than the original, Anatolia Anatolia is an exquisite gem to be treasured.

A cigarette and a loukhoum by the Bosporus River at a rustic Istanbul cafe.

Concentration: 49% parfum.

Sweet-Tooth Top: Apple, Cinnamon, Date
Warm Heart: Cumin, Loukhoum, Cacao, Honey
Smoky Base: Leather, Thai Oud, Indian Oud, Patchouli, Amber, Incense, Suede

Perfumer: Prin Lomros


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