Anatole Lebreton Discovery Set

The adventure began in 2013 when Anatole created a first fragrance for some friends. As a collector and a true connoisseur of perfumery history, he stepped through the looking glass, daring to take his own approach. Following this first draft’s success, he decided to launch his own brand of artistic perfumes.

In the heart of Provence Verte, Anatole Lebreton crafts unique fragrances that reflect his journey off the beaten path as an independent perfumer. Modern and creative yet loyal to French tradition, he is committed to sharing his passion for refined scents and delicate materials through handmade creations, crafted in complete freedom.

With a new release every year, he considers himself to be continuously in exploration, following a long path of self-teaching in the perfumer profession. Each creation bears witness to his research on materials and technique, always anchored in classical composition and resolutely oriented towards modernity.

To me, each perfume is like a poem, a scented emotion, or a fragrant landscape. I want us to feel good in it, able to tell our own stories. It is my hope that my creations inspire dreams and arouse emotions. The greatest compliment you could pay me is to tell me how my creations affect and transport you.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Anatole Lebreton fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Bois Lumiere - 1 ML
Cornaline - 1 ML
Fleur Cachee - 1 ML
Grimoire - 1 ML
Incarnata - 1 ML
L'Eau De Merzhin - 1 ML
L'Eau Scandaleuse - 1 MLL'eau Guillerette - 1ML
Perfumista - 1 MLRacine Carree - 1ML


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