Parfum d'Empire

Ambre Russe



Boozy | Dry | Amber

Like many cheerful Russian celebrations, Ambre Russe kicks off with a nip of vodka. More often than not, boozy notes in fragrance are the usual suspects of cognac, whisky or rum. Here, perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato masterfully conjures up the icy-cool, creamy sweetness of a premium Russian vodka, setting the scene for what's to come.

The rich, golden hue of a vintage Champagne is also captured here, being smothered by the opulent warmth of amber and cinnamon. The smoke of Russian leather and campfire tea, whilst subtle, do further paint a picture of the extravagant empire of the Tsars.

It's easy to see why Ambre Russe is one of the most treasured fragrances of the Parfum d'Empire range, as well as firmly holding a highly contested position amongst the very best of modern amber fragrances.

Top Notes: Vodka, Champagne
Heart Notes: Black Tea, Coriander, Amber
Base Notes: Vanilla, Labdanum, Russian Leather

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato


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