Amber Aquilaria



Opulent, luxurious and sensual. An effect that only the finest, most desirable fragrant materials can achieve.

Agarwood, or oud, is one of the most expensive and rare raw materials in the world. It’s harvested from Aquilaria trees affected by a naturally occurring fungus. The heartwood of these incredible trees produces an aromatic resin which imparts a distinctive character into the wood as it matures. Amber Aquilaria combines a high grade natural oud resin with precious ambergris, rose, sandalwood and bourbon vanilla.

The fragrance begins with a bright bergamot top note, which, via a complex cognac accord, introduces a brilliant, red rose at the heart. The medicinal, fruity, leathery oud is present throughout the development of Amber Aquilaria. Finally, vanilla-amber, creamy sandalwood and salty, rich ambergris all work together to achieve the fragrance’s luxurious scent cloud. You can find yourself lost in this beautiful, mesmerizing scent.

Due to the high proportion of complex naturals, we recommend that you sample this on skin, not card or blotter.

Aromatic Fruity Top:

Boozy Floral Heart:
Rose, Cognac

Spicy Ambrosial Base:
Ambergris, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bourbon, Aquiliaria Oudh



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