When you talk about Poetry, you must include the Poets.

The Poet is the one, who does. The individual to become Poet. The symbol of all humanity.

The poet is a person using the human wings literally speaking. The wings open our sensitivity. Unfortunately, we often forget both our wings and our sensitivity.
Remember that it is the sensitivity that makes us fly high, but also the wings that can make us stumble, so we will be laughed at.

No one has ever described such ambivalence better than Charles Baudelaire in his poem Albatros. We are all Albatros. We can soar majestically in the air of life and awkwardly stumble upon our own wings. We arouse admiration but also derision. Because some people have forgotten their Albatros.

The Versi collection is an olfactory study in three chapters. Versi explores and enjoys the wonderful correspondences between Perfume and Poetry.

Top Notes: Clean Notes, Aquatic Notes, Ozonic Anisic Note
Heart Notes: Rose, Pineapple
Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, Cedar, Vetiver, White Musk

Perfumers: Anne-Sophie Behaghel


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