Across The Ocean

Across the Ocean is the second fragrance Michael B. Knudsen has created for Gravel. A passion for craftsmanship and the finest raw materials form the foundation for an unforgettable perfume. Until this day, every Gravel bottle is filled by hand.

An intense and multi-layered fragrance that starts fresh and floral and then develops on the skin with soft woody notes. Rose, guaiac wood, musk and a bit of oud are combined in an unexpected way.

This fragrance takes you on the luxurious ocean liners that once travelled between the Old World and the USA and on which Michael Knudsen also once arrived in America. The gravel in each bottle is the "special something" that gives the fragrance a warm colour note over the maturing process and rounds off the perfume. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Cashmere Wood
Heart Notes: Rose, Tonka Bean, Oud
Base Notes: Guaiac Wood, Vanilla, Musk

Perfumer: Michael Knudsen


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