40 Rogue



Vintage | Animalic | Herbal

40 Love. Resurrected.

"Last year I was gifted a very generous and very rare sample of the long discontinued 40 Love by Jean Desprez. I was then determined to resurrect it so others may have the opportunity to experience a great fragrance from yesteryear.
I sent a portion of my sample out for analysis and, with the results, set out to reverse engineer the dead formula. I made very very few changes except to repair areas of the formula where there were chemical breakdown products, due to age. I toned down the animalic aspects by almost half - but no worries! The animalic note is still quite present. I also expounded upon the floral notes by adding small amounts of rose and jasmine absolute.”

40 Rogue is a fresh, yet animalic fougère, a juxtaposition of soapy aldehydes, herbs and citrus against a drydown of animalic musks. It’s invigorated with fresh rose, spicy carnation and green, grassy narcissus. Unashamedly retro with ingredients and concentrations that are true to another era.

Fresh, Aldehydic Top 

Citrus, Aldehydes, Fruity Notes

Herbal, Floral Heart

Basil, Tarragon, Carnation, Rose, Narcissus

Musky Base

Oakmoss, Musk


Please note: Rogue Perfumery may actually contain musk ketone, real oakmoss, and vintage-era amounts of citral, geraniol and eugenol. Please refer to the ingredients list as 'potential allergens' will be listed. If you are part of the small percentage of the population that experiences perfume allergies than it is advisable to fragrance a handkerchief or other article of clothing rather than apply directly to the skin. The informed decision is yours and back in your hands! Enjoy responsibly!

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