40 Rogue


A resurrection of of the original 40 Love by Jean Desprez.

Notes: Citrus, Aldehydes, Fruity Notes, Basil, Tarragon, Carnation, Rose, Narcissus, Oakmoss and Musk.

40 Rogue is a bracing, fresh fougere with some brief florals and an animalic musky drydown. Very easy-going yet suave and sophisticated.



"Last year I was gifted a very generous and very rare sample of the long discontinued 40 Love by Jean Desprez. I was then determined to resurrect it so others may have the opportunity to experience a great fragrance from yesteryear.
I sent a portion of my sample out for analysis and, with the results, set out to reverse engineer the dead formula. I made very very few changes except to repair areas of the formula where there were chemical breakdown products, due to age. I toned down the animalic aspects by almost half - but no worries! The animalic note is still quite present. I also expounded upon the floral notes by adding small amounts of rose and jasmine absolute.

I hope this resurrection will transport you back in time. Enjoy!"


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