We're pleased to be able to share our thoughts on some of our wonderful range of fragrances with all of our customers. We will continue to add short reviews, discussions, news and many other videos here, all filmed at our flagship boutique at Emporium by our team. If there's a particular fragrance you'd love to see us talk about, feel free to send us a message via Live Chat or the Contact Us page.


Forget everything you know about contemporary sandalwood. From Paris-based Jacques Fath, Tempête d'Automne brings us right back to the greats. Here, Liam muses on how this fragrance manages to showcase sandalwood's creamy, lactonic elements, as well as its all its powerful, majestic woodiness. A resolutely neo-classical woody perfume, Tempête d'Automne can be found at LKNU's Emporium boutique and online store.


In the universe of perfumery, the fig note occupies a very special place. Maria Candida Gentile's very special interpretation is Syconium. In this video, our Education Manager Liam describes Syconium's essence of fig, wrapped in milk and honey. Anchored by sandalwood, Syconium is given a prominent dry woodiness, making for a more serious style of fig fragrance. The Maria Candida Gentile range is now available at LKNU's Emporium boutique and online store.


Introducing our newest member of the LKNU Emporium team, in this video, our fragrance consultant Kati pairs up with Liam to introduce three distinct roses, underscoring its many virtues across differing fragrances.

In Rose de Jamal (Les Indémodables), the rose note is suffused with Modernist touches, textured with additions of cedar, lavender, and spices. Cooling mint hovers over the work, to altogether create a rose that is at once overdosed, earthy and green.

Next, Bulle de Rose (Les Parfums de Rosine) is a new offering from the historic house, and utilises rose to draw out soapy facets. Playful yet well composed, this is a floral wrapped in the creamy smooth opacity of a lather, reinforced with sandalwood. The magic comes from a dash of tomato leaf, adding warmth and an intoxicating verdant tint that lengthens these features.

Finally, Rrose Selavy from Maria Candida Gentile is LKNU’s newest Surrealist and Postmodern rose, and is described by Kati as the “sort of rose a rose would wear”. Passionate and infused with a palpable sense of danger, the rose in this fragrance has a sharp disposition, and is built vertically, producing a great sense of severity and impact. It is supremely memorable, and wonderfully shocks in its brazenness.

You can find all of these roses - and many more - in our boutique and our online store.


Green is always on our mind at LKNU. Let Liam share with you his favourite green fragrance, the ruggedly beautiful Corsica Furiosa from Parfum d’Empire.

Playing with the idea that nature is wild and furious, the Mediterranean isle of Corsica is expressed here with a central note of mastic resin, where three different extracts are used in the formula. Mint, tomato leaf and oakmoss convey the wild greenness of nature and all of its latent energy.

Find Corsica Furiosa and the Parfum d'Empire range at our Emporium boutique in Melbourne or at our online store.


Today, Liam shares his thoughts on two fragrances from Oriza L. Legrand; a historic brand that has recently returned to LKNU.

Both of a time and also timeless, Oeillet Louis XV is a regal carnation fragrance, showing the firey aspects of this floral note perfectly. This is certainly one of the best carnation scents in LKNU’s range and, just like King Louis XV, fans of the note should seek out this spicy floral.

The unctuousness of jasmine sambac is captured in Secret Joly. A recreation of the original white floral from 1920, jasmine is combined with hyacinth, tuberose, gardenia and ylang, over a husky backdrop of civet, musk and tonka.

Find the Oriza L. Legrand range at our Emporium boutique in Melbourne.


What does our Education Manager Liam wear when he needs to cheer himself up and feel a hundred percent? The answer is the divine Isvaraya from Indult Paris.

Created by the magnificent Francis Kurkdjian, Isvaraya is a sweet and addictive patchouli fragrance that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. Patchouli, jasmine and plum create a simple yet legible structure, where the central note of patchouli is allowed to tell its wholesome tale.

Find Isvaraya and the Indult range at our Emporium boutique in Melbourne or at our online store.



Inspired by the classic men's coat, Le Loden by Jacques Fath is an exemplary meditation on the note of vetiver.

The citric fire of ginger energises this fragrance, igniting the vetiver and giving it a phasing progression; expanding and stretching through its earthy, vegetal, nutty, spicy and fresh aspects.

In this video, watch as Liam explores this fragrance - a vetiver of the truest form. Le Loden be found in our Emporium Boutique, or on our website.


Rogue Perfumery is back in stock at LKNU – the master of retro, Manuel Cross creates perfumes that speak of yesteryear. In this video, Liam explores this world through Chypres and Fougères, classic categories that have contributed to a history of scent.

In Mousse Illuminée, mossy notes are championed which forms a sylvan scene of green. Light and shadow through tall conifers, low creeping mist, and an intensely spicy woodiness makes for a remarkable scent that shimmers and radiates in all directions.

Chypre Siam expresses creativity of the highest order, beginning with an ambery-mossy-animalic base and drawing upon a range of Southeast Asian ingredients which blur the line between the olfactory and the culinary. An event on skin, humid jasmine and ylang-ylang is flushed in the zesty freshness of lime leaf, holy basil, and spices.

Finally, Bon Monsieur is a pure soap bubble – lavender absolute diffuses amidst notes of bergamot, carnation, geranium, and lily of the valley. A nostalgic Fougère through and through, Bon Monsieur – and indeed the entire Rogue range – pays homage to the defining fragrances.

Rogue Perfumery can be found in our Emporium Boutique, or on our website.


Being LKNU's Education Manager, Liam's knowledge and understanding of our range is second to none.

In this video, Liam shares with us some of the most oustanding gems from our range, including Les Indémodables' timeless Iris Perle, the classic and acclaimed New York Intense from Nicolaï, and the hypnotic Tabac Tabou by Parfums d'Empire.

These three fragrances can be found in our Emporium Boutique, or online. On your next visit, ask our staff to share some of their favourite scents with you. 



Tea lovers rejoice! With the addition of the Sydney-based Chasing Scents range to the LKNU portfolio, we welcome three new exciting tea fragrances - each of discernible and remarkable character. Employing delightful extractions of tea in each and every fragrance, Chasing Scents is the result of unique know-how and passion.

Tea Service is a photorealistic cup of jasmine-oolong tea, with a fine astringent backbone redolent of tannins, this gorgeous work carries aromatic vapours of white peach and osmanthus with it.

Weeping Rose features etiolated rose petals and rose bud tea hit with the low afternoon light. An autumnal pile of leaves, here the world comes to a gradual halt. Melting textures are brought to life with fig leaf, maple, red apple, and orris.

Finally, the dreamy and sedate Slow World expresses smoky and balsamic pu-er tea, which becomes the vehicle for resins, incense, and malt. Saffron imparts a legible, softly burning trace. An atmosphere of scent - a gauzy medley of shadows - warmth emerges from all directions in this fragrance.

The glorious Chasing Scents range can be found in our Emporium Boutique, or online.


Appreciating the diversity and breadth of the many forms of motherhood, in celebration of Mother’s Day 2022, Liam explains why a fragrance speaks to the particularity of one’s identity. Making three suggestions, Liam showcases the retro yet timeless masterpiece that is Number One Intense - a glorious and bursting white floral bouquet with unmatched presence. Rose Absolument speaks of the ideal rose - powerful, jammy, intense, and deep  - a rose that could only be worn by the ideal mother. Finally, Niral embraces the flamboyant and the quirky, with its charming and beguiling treatment of the iris note. Stewed in tea, amber, and liqueur-like notes, Niral speaks to the core notion that taste can never be accounted for, or fit into universal categories. All of these fragrances, and many more, can be found in our Emporium Boutique, or online. We wish all mothers and maternal figures - in all of their uniqueness - an exquisite Mother’s Day 2022.



A brand where oud almost always has the first word but never the final say. In this video, Liam provides an overview of the Bortnikoff range and style, which privileges an extravagance of natural perfumed extracts, oozing of decadence and presence. In Oud Loukoum, oud melts into the unctuous texture of ylang-ylang and sticky dried fruits to produce an oud that is at once immediately approachable yet intense in style. L’Heure Exquise continues this gourmand style, making marvellous use of neroli’s honeyed sweetness then wrapped up in cacao, rich florals, and ambery oud - creating an impressionistic and sweetly scented scene of dusk. Finally, Sayat Nova bursts on the scene, with the full tilt of apricot at the fore. Lactic, solar, fuzzy, and funky - a combination of vanilla, rum, and a supporting base of oud make for a fiery dance on the skin. A prolific perfumer, Bortnikoff can be found in our Melbourne boutique, or online.



As the cooler weather moves in, Liam showcases three fragrances with a sense of warmth at their core. As the winter weather approaches, this is an ideal time to reconsider one's fragrance wardrobe, and explore some winter scents. Isabey's L'Ambre de Carthage contrasts a glorious amber accord with an invigorating note of jasmine tea. From Stephane Humbert Lucas, a tale of Mohammed's journey through the seven layers of heaven is told with Isra & Miraj. Musc Tonkin is Parfum d'Empire's plush re-creation of sensual deer musk using a botanical and synthetic palette of ambrette seed, musks and delicate florals. Come down to our Melbourne boutique at Emporium and ask our knowledgable staff for their favourite winter fragrances, or browse our Winter collection at LKNU's online store.


In this video, Liam reflects on the aromatic déjà-vu of Jorum Studio's newest release, Elegy. Nostalgia and memories of yesteryear are captured with complex layers of effervescent aldehydes, bourbon geranium and rose, before descending into Scottish heather, patchouli and oud. Airy with a discernible sense of body, Elegy is a strikingly interesting and moving Extrait de Parfum that captures the idea of fragrances of time gone by. You can find Elegy and the Jorum Studio range at our Emporium boutique and online store.


Now turning to the remaining fragrances from Matières Libres, Liam guides us through the enigmatic works that are Absinthe Gaïac and Rose Agathe. Absinthe Gaïac is a work of innumerable folds and pleats, where absinthe folds into bitter herbs, spices, and wild florals - softened slightly with fig, pear, and complexified with violet leaf. Guaïac wood radiates with impressions of smoke, tobacco, and tar, layered with leathery notes and nutty, anisic vetiver. A challenge to classify, the work dances around leather, woods, amber, and Fougère classifications. On the other hand, Rose Agathe dazzles with a surprising metallic top coat - which is intense, modulating, and charged with the spice of biting black pepper, and sparkling elemi. A moody work, this is a rose unlike any other, with petals made of crystal and stems made of metal, a generosity of Turkish rose absolute scintillates against a leathery, ambery background. The complete Matières Libres range can be found online, or in our Melbourne boutique.


With a unique approach to blending novelty accords and defying convention and expectation, we are excited to introduce Matières Libres as part of our evolving portfolio. In this first video, Liam showcases the two central gourmand scents that are sophisticatedly crafted and innovatively thought through. Datura Amaretti is a delight - the mesmerising and controlled bittersweetness of sugary Italian almond biscuits meets the nocturnal and heady sweet floral breath of datura. The total result is an unparalleled and showstopping sweet floral. Patchouli Figue offers a moment of summertime reprieve under a fig tree. Impressions of sweet fruit, verdant tones, and pulpy milky fig settle on the dusky depth of patchouli. This note adds nuances of chocolate, earth, and even a whisper of tobacco - to ultimately create a fig fragrance that, finally, smells like a seriously structured perfume. A fig in context with the unmistakable creative touch. The complete Matières Libres range can be found online, or in our Melbourne boutique.


With an enduring fascination for clean as a concept in perfumery, Liam details the polished virtues of Nuée Bleue by Violet Parfums. A cloud of clean, the work gains its immaculate character from orange blossom and iris, which for many of us, carries the association of soapy, freshly scrubbed skin. Aldehydes brings a sense of sparkle, but also appeals to another popular association for laundry musks. With a clever touch of peppery floral carnation and sandalwood for base, Nuée Bleue is as dependable and universally appropriate as a well-cut white shirt. This fragrance can be found at our Emporium boutique and online store


In this informative video, our education manager Liam provides us with a flash study of musks as both a note and a category. Thinking through distinct examples of musk, Liam gives character to the fizzy powdery clean of white musks with Musc Intense (Nicolai Parfumeur Createur), animalic and vegetal musks in Zoologist’s Musk Deer, and sensual spicy-leathery musks in Night Flower (Eris Parfums). No two musks are ever the same, and when you understand the style that marks your tastes, we believe it becomes much easier to communicate with others what you might be after. All the musks featured in this video - and many more - can be found at our Emporium boutique and online store.


For International Fragrance Day, Liam’s #SOTD is L’Eau de Merzhin by independent perfumer Anatole Lebreton. A scent which inflects the green facets of the iris note with the unmistakable bitter signature of galbanum, the work is a landscape of springtime replete with blooming grasses, flowers, and herbs. We like to imagine a siesta on a bed of hay. In this scent, powdery nuances are engulfed with a striking combination of herbaceous angelica, vanillic hawthorn, oakmoss, and flouve - a complex sweet grass with tobacco aspects. A fragrance that invites us to dream and to wonder - a fitting choice for a momentous day! The Anatole Lebreton fragrances can be found online, and in our Melbourne Emporium boutique.


A sophisticated gourmand, Rubikona by Puredistance is a finely-cut gem of a fragrance. Ruby-toned, warm and scintillating, a generous and plush arrangement of orange blossom, vanilla, patchouli, and musks form a decadent and melting composition that flirts with the extremes - at an impressive 28% concentration. Floral, chewy, sweet and musky: an utterly delicious scent, Rubikona attains the balance, and expresses a paradox between the edible and the inedible. The Puredistance range can be found at our Emporium boutique and online store.


Extrait de Musique is a homage to the organ by Filippo Sorcinelli, who transforms the instrument’s striking tones in the medium of scent. More than just an exercise of synaesthesia – when a sensation in one sense blurs into another – this is a concise range of impeccable definition and effective execution. Whether it’s the thundering growl of Violon Basse 16, or the warm human voice of Voix Humaine 8, the range is diverse and balanced. In this video, Liam details just what makes Extrait de Musique so special. The complete range can be found online, and in our Melbourne Emporium boutique.