Vel is LKNU’s Emporium Boutique Manager, and has injected her signature flair into the personality of the space – all with a lingering trail of sparkling aldehydes. Obsessed with the classical and retro greats of perfumery, if it has oakmoss, narcissus, civet, or powdery notes, consider Vel onboard. Fascinated by the mythos that surrounds the world of fragrance, Vel understands that the right perfume makes the wearer feel complete, along with a bold Chanel lip and a statement bag. To complement her passionate personality, her go-to at LKNU is the staggering Number One Intense by Nicolai.

LKNU’s Education Manager, Liam calls upon his academic background in aesthetic philosophy to inform the way he approaches the world of scent. For him, fragrances are artistic objects that come from a particular moment in history, and situate us in spaces both real and imaginary. For this reason, Liam particularly enjoys the genealogical aspects of perfume, and has a penchant for works that are refined, elegant, and legibly structured. Patchouli, anise, and herbal green notes are mainstays in Liam’s fragrance wardrobe – and classical Guerlain works. His go-to at LKNU is the exquisite Tabac Tabou by Parfum d’Empire.

An all-rounder, Jesse is responsible for your online experience at LKNU. Endlessly intrigued by the world of perfumery and its technical-creative side, this speaks to his analytical and problem-solving nature. If it’s quirky and artistically blends notes of incense, citrus, castoreum, or tuberose, Jesse likely has his nose on it. Equally eager about playing the bass guitar and the complexities of wine, across his many interests, Jesse imparts his technical gaze over the world of sensation. His go-to scent at LKNU is the luscious and impactful Salome by Papillon Artisan Perfumes.  

A valued member of the LKNU Emporium Boutique, Jill embraces the many complementary – and indeed, enhancing – powers of perfumery. In this regard, perfume is pure expressionism, and Jill savours warm, ambery, and musky fragrances – notes which lend a sensual dimension alongside oakmoss, rose, and magnolia. Enthusiastic and bubbly, Jill loves to dance and enjoys wearing a fashionable and considered ensemble at work. Her go-to at LKNU is the decadent and beautifully fine White by Puredistance.