At the heart of Kōdō life lies the beautiful intention of compassion with care. And just like this human interaction between scent and spirit, it’s best you treat your Kōdō fragrance in the same caring way to sustain its quality and longevity. We're here to help you fully live “the way of fragrance” so we’ve put together a simple Kōdō Carer’s Guide offering useful tips to get the most out of your Kōdō products. Look after it and it will keep looking after you.


• Allow enough time to melt wax completely to edges of jar every time (especially the first burn) to prevent tunnelling and avoid burning for more than 3-4 hours at a time.

• Use Kōdō snuffer to extinguish flame.

• Use Kōdō wick trimmer to trim wick to 3-5mm after each use.

• Wipe away any soot.

• Cover candle using lid when not in use and store in a cool, dry area (less than 25°C) and allow at least 12-24 hours between each burn to preserve the fragrance quality.

(Please note, 100% Soy wax may reset with a rough surface which will not affect the quality.)


• Never move a candle when lit.

• Never leave a burning candle unattended.

• Place candle on a stable surface, away from flammable objects before lighting.

• Don’t burn your candle lower than 1cm from the bottom of the jar (when you can start seeing the wood wick burning near the wick holder tab.)

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.


• Remove cap and stopper, then replace cap.

• Place reeds into the oil (the more reeds you use, the stronger the scent)

• Allow reeds to soak in oil for 1 hour, then flip reeds to saturate the other ends and spread reeds to disperse the scent.
(Expect a light fragrance to start perfuming your room in around 24 hours.)

• Refreshen reeds every 3-6 days by carefully flipping them over.


• Place diffuser bottle on a coaster or plate as accidental spillage could cause damage to surfaces underneath.

• Place in a high traffic area to encourage air circulation and to lift the fragrance.

• Use gloves when handling reeds and wash hands thoroughly if skin has come into contact with oil.

• Liquid is flammable. Do not light reeds.

• Oil should not be used for body application nor be ingested.

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

• Keep away from electrical appliances.