Just as when a flame falls on the standing grain while the South Winds rage,

or a rushing mountain stream lays low the fields,

lays low the glad crops and labors of oxen,

and drags down forests headlong. Virgil - Aeneid.

Auster is the God of the hot southern Sirocco winds, bringing clouds, heat and winds to the Roman empire.

This is a lush scent that’s headed by a spicy-floral geranium. Opening with waxy lemon and heady star anise, then emerges the geranium, which is leafy, rosy and aromatic. A classy patchouli note edges Auster further towards woody territory, where firm cedar and salty-air ambergris come in to play.

With its overall clean, slightly soapy feel, Auster is a fragrance for the sophisticated, suave wearer.

Aromatic Citrus Top
Star anise, lemon

Sweet Spicy Heart
Sweet geranium, clove

Earthy Base
Cedar, ambergris, patchouli


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