Rich | Exotic | Warm

Ruh means spirit and it’s a reconstruction of the oriental theme to make it contemporary. Its fresh take on the style reveals the irreducible complexity and the dramatic character of the East.

"Oriental is an aged idea that’s still in use also as an olfactory theme. I wanted to update that theme and bring it closer to today. The process brought out what changes and what stays the same. A newly blooming Turkish rose. The smell of coffee, attars, perfumes, incense, and spices still lingering in the air-conditioned souks. Still relevant as a symbol of abundance and excitement." - Pekji

Top Notes: Cardamom, Coffee, Saffron
Heart Notes: Amber, Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Musk, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Omer Ipekci


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