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Aroma M

"Aroma M was launched in 1995 by the quietly intrepid Maria McElroy, an American-born painter who has long been immersed in Japanese art and incense.

Aroma M is among a handful of artisanal perfumers who today are collectively updating the fragrance industry, we are proud to be known as direction-setters. For example, we initiated the contemporary location-oriented approach to perfumery—a concept we have romanced throughout our twelve years in business.

While steeped in the ways of ancient Eastern fragrancing traditions, and while adhering to the Eastern mandate that beauty is a daily responsibility, at Aroma M we are ultra-modern in our choice of unexpected ingredients and novel combinations of ingredients, such as lychee with rose, and white chestnut blossom with muguet.

Our perfumes and perfume oils are designed not only to smell beautiful, but simultaneously to enchant the mind and the soul—to help relieve daily stress and promote composure and wellbeing.

Aroma M is gender-neutral. Men as well as women are attracted to our unexpectedly tantalizing perfumes, that do not follow traditional male-female scent divisions.

Our packaging is utterly original. We utilize utilitarian glass containers, but bedeck them in phantasmagorically patterned Yuzen papers, handcrafted in Kyoto.

Simultaneously contemplative and stimulating, our mysteriously soft-spoken but memorably beautiful fragrances suit a range of lifestyles, from avant garde to casual to classic. They are, for example, eminently wearable with a rustling silk kimono, with a full, swirling skirt clasped by an obi, and with the classic scarlet lips and black-rimmed eyes of the made-up Geisha face, partially hidden by a wafting fan. But it is a tribute to Aroma M's gender-neutral cross-cultural fluency that these scents also work like a charm with contemporary tunic dresses and stovepipe pants, and with the natural, well-scrubbed face of Western beauty." - Aroma M