Omnia Profumi

The story of my product comes from the combination of passion and experience in the field of high jewelery and gemology, in which my family has been operating for many years.

In our company, in fact, precious unique pieces were born, capable of transmitting an immediate and palpable refinement.

It is here that I discovered the ability of the stones to evoke not only tactile sensations: their color, transparency, appearance create worlds, memories, images linked to the sense of smell.

I then combined the affinities that unite stones, metals and perfumes in a product that stands out from the others for elegance and refinement, full of the passion that every woman, and even every man, desires and deserves.

I have created fragrances that are highly sought after and that give off aromas of sensuality, passion, strength, elegance to satisfy every need and every skin.

All natural fragrances.

Fabrizio Tagliacarne - Founder/CEO