Masque Milano

Masque Milano is a niche Italian perfumery brand, established in Milano in 2010
by the two co-founders Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi.

Musical Opera is quintessentially linked with the Italian heritage for expressive arts.

Being grown-up in an “open air museum”, the two founders wanted to embed in
their fragrance line their origins, rich of traditions of art and architecture, music and

In every single scene of an opera, some of the actors alongside the leading
character, as well as the element of the setting are changing. In the same way, in
our lives we can change the “mask” (our look, lifestyle, friendships, the tone of our
voice or the register of our discourse) yet we could never part from our innermost

What makes a fragrance a masterpiece, but the power to evoke olfactory
memories? A fragrance line, then, really is a collection - rather than a bunch of
fragrances under the same brand - when the different olfactory memories are linked by a common thread.

“Masque Milano is the true expression of what we are, of our lives and our
passions. As we declared in our manifesto, we do what we love and we love what
we do, nothing is forced. If we are not convinced about something, we simply
don’t do it. Getting to know each other (almost by serendipity) was a great luck:
we share so many passions and we are so similar… perfect rapport and mutual
understanding are essential for an artistic directors duo. This is probably why artistic directors duos are so rare.” - Alessandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi