Valentine's Day 2021

Surprise your lover with a romantic scent this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps wear one of these to your dinner date. Our Valentine’s Day collection has something for everyone.

Everyone knows that the rose is the flower of love, so, naturally, a rose soliflore is a great choice for a Valentine’s scent. Rather than simply being the scent of an individual flower, Rosenlust from natural perfumery April Aromatics smells like an entire rose garden. It displays all the facets of rose - spicy, citrussy, tea-like, green, woody, powdery and sweet.

Rekindle an old flame with Prends-Moi from Isabey. A very daring name for a fragrance released in the 1930s, Prends-Moi translates to 'Take Me'. This classic has been beautifully reimagined by perfumer Luca Maffei for the modern era, with notes of tuberose, cocoa, rose, pink pepper and a red satin lipstick accord. The beautiful scarlet flacon couldn’t be more suited to Valentine’s Day.

The Lover’s Tale is a story about a secret encounter. Whether you’re pursuing a forbidden passion or taking your lover out to a secluded cocktail bar, this melange of leather and rich florals from Francesca Bianchi commands attention. This bold scent is for the confident individual or the risk-taker.

Sometimes, a bit of sorcery is necessary. Stephane Humbert Lucas has created the perfect love potion with Wish Come True. Seductive florals of jasmine, ylang and tuberose marry a subtle infusion of sensual ambergris and vanilla. What you desire is now yours.

Papillon’s Salome is famed by perfumistas for its seductive charms. Its rich, vintage-style allure teases like a burlesque dancer, edging between sultry florals and rich musks. Salome will whisk you and your lover away to a time when perfumes were decadent and raunchy.

Masque Milano has drawn inspiration from the staccato rhythms of the Argentinian dance with Tango. A close embrace of jasmine and amber, with a drop of rum to invigorate, ending in an intense crescendo. It takes two to Tango.

Amber Aquilaria brings together some of the rarest, most precious fragrant materials - oud, sandalwood, vanilla, rose and ambergris. From Electimuss’ Emperor Collection, this opulent, luxurious fragrance is a gift from the Gods. When only the finest will do.

Marlou is a house that embraces the primitive nature of natural body scents, summoning intense emotions, desire and passion. Poudrextase unites the seductive scent of the rose with aromatic rice powder, and a musky, sensual base. 

La Surprise from MDCI is inspired by a Fragonard painting entitled, “The Pursuit of Love”. Perfumer Cécile Zarokian has masterfully captured the lovely scene of an elegant young woman surprised in a fragrant and romantic garden by an admirer with a rose in his hand.

Finally, Dusita's Melodie de L'Amour is a love song with its unique floral essence of white flowers. Peach, honey and musk accentuate their floral beauty to create a fragrance of gentle seduction.

Although there’s less than two weeks left until Valentine’s Day, you still have time to order a special gift for the one you love. LKNU offers an Express Shipping service to ensure that your fragrance will arrive in time. If you can’t decide, our consultants are available via Live Chat or email to assist.