Astrology can be a minefield by its very nature, steeped in its cloak of mystery, alchemical connections, and the ever present desire to get to know what lies ahead; or simply a short-cut to “knowing thyself”. Yet there is no doubt that astrology and perfume pair in such an entertaining way that one couldn’t bypass this enticing subject, even if they wanted to!  

Purists would predictably argue that specifics, such as ascendant position, the individual moon sign, even the obscure Lilith position in your personal chart (did you even know there was such a symbolism? Neither had we!), and other intricacies would account for much variation within the generic 12 types and that much is true. However, keeping it simple, short, and sweet is the bee’s knees; it’s a guilty pleasure as it is.

So, without further ado, prepare to get entertained, and simultaneously get some -hopefully useful!- fragrance recommendations in the process. All you need to know is your sun sign, the sign that is determined by your birthday.


ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Feisty, determined, and antagonistic? Yup, you’re all these things. You are the first sign of the zodiac and therefore determined to lead the pack, no matter what. Your leading nature, ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, however, only belies the strength of your emotions; you love as madly as you charge into every challenge.

You like original scents, not too sweet, nor too seductive, which make a lasting impression. Leathers, spices, bold orientals…You live to get noticed! Some of the fragrances to do that are Spice Must Flow (Etat Libre d’Orange), fiery and original, as well as What we Do in Paris is Secret (A Lab on Fire), caressing with heliotrope, but leaving a lasting trail with rich tonka bean and Tolu balsam. Let 1740 (Histoires de Parfums) be your wild card; it is inspired by Le Marquis de Sade.


TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Stability, logical thinking, and strong will are among your admired qualities. Nevertheless it is your appreciation of all things beautiful, ruled as your sign is by Venus, the goddess of beauty and the arts, which lulls you into hedonistic indulgence. You are very much attracted to sensual scents, plush gourmands, orientals with a smooth finish, and musky woodies which nicely act as your anchor.

A plush vanilla like Tihota (Indult) was made for you, while Like This (Etat Libre d’Orange) is an exceptional gourmand, not for kids, but for connoisseurs. If you want smoothness and woody plush, Sandalo by Ortigia is your calling card.


GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Intellectual, quick-witted, talkative. You’ve been told before how your mind and tongue run quicker than your legs. That’s not to say that you lack emotive power, nor sensuality. But your planet of quick change, Mercury, leads you into the path of the unusual, the changeable, and the light-hearted. You’re naturally attracted to fragrances which evolve, pull twists and turns, and create a sense of intrigue to both yourself and those smelling you. O/E (Bogue Profumo) is sunny and vivacious with citruses, floating like something rising from a pyre amidst the pines. And nothing pulls quite like a story for those Geminis: Falling into the Sea (Imaginary Authors), a mix of various citrus fruits and warm sand, is as eventful as its name suggests. And to brighten your mood on a grey day, Monserrat (Bruno Fazzolari) reproduces the Italian frescoes in shades of grapefruit and apricot against a stucco note.


CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Your ruling Moon is responsible for your changeable nature, which is delicate like water, and mysteriously lit like a summer’s night. But don’t let yourself be fooled that you’re overly sentimental. Yes, you can be, but there’s also a strong will underneath that façade; something to be discovered by those who enter a relationship with you.

Comforting scents are a natural fit, but you can surprise yourself with something herbal or powdery, which can also work perfectly. Hundred Silent Ways (Nishane) is as emotional as you are, while smelling enticing and romantic. Skymning by Svensk Parfym evokes the dusky greyish-purple colours of a Northern European sky, with its dreamy olfactory chord of iris and violet. And Poudrextase (Marlou) dares to go beyond, with its dirty musks, reminding your closest entourage that you’re also a very sensual presence.


LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Fiery, and a little bit showy, but your heart is made of pure gold. Your regal stature is always the first thing people notice, as is your…mane. Which is a good hint for using fragrance; spraying your hair might prove very alluring! You always shine in any company, and you try to help whenever you can. Just maybe try not to outshine everyone with your bold nature.

Fragrances with sunny notes, reflecting your ruling sign, the Sun, would naturally fit, floral notes that are not shy, like tuberose and gardenia, as would anything which calls upon luxury and status. You want to exude an air of excellence even down to your scent trail. Maai (Bogue Profumo) is just the diva to carry you through. Ambre Tabac is great for adventurous souls who adore a Turkish smoking room. Black Caviar by Electimuss impresses with its daring combination of caviar notes plus woods, using only the most natural feeling ingredients so as to never smell cheap or synthetic. Fit for kings and queens!


VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Meticulous, organised, and a perfectionist. You definitely intimidate everyone with your criticizing tendency, that’s for sure! But you hide an oddly indulgent quality too, championing pureness of ingredients, and excellence over trends and fads. Quick-witted and independent, like your ruling Mercury, you just cannot be pigeon-holed.

In fragrances you’re attracted to cerebral chypres, twilit fougeres, and clean scents of purity. You or Someone Like You (Etat Libre d’Orange) hits all the right notes. Un Zest de Rose (Parfums de Rosine) is for the times when your sense of purity pairs with a more traditional, floral context. Mousse Illuminee (Rogue Perfumery) will enchant with its foresty atmosphere that packs a certain intellectual aura.


LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libras are the most likely to appreciate perfect grooming, great taste, and femininity. You’re likeable fellows, wanting to create balance and beauty in your environment. Do take care however of your tendency to become too diplomatic for your own good. In fragrances scents combining iris and violet, recalling the smell of cosmetics, as well as sweet gourmands, and tempered citrus-woodies. Vert Pivoine (Histoires de Parfums) is flirty and playful, great for everyday. Mandorla (Ortigia) feels succulent like marzipan, a soft caress on a hard day’s night. For busy schedules and outdoor activities Orange X Santal (Essential Parfums), with its eponymous materials domineering the formula, is a drop of happiness.


SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Dramatic, enigmatic, and vengeful? Your reputation precedes you. You’re certainly very passionate, dominating insidiously and silently, almost beyond your conscious control. Like your ruling planet, Pluto; people are naturally magnetized by you, either positively or negatively, there is no middle-ground.

Your erotic prowess is reflected in bold and seductive scents, full of oriental elements, daring floral musks, leather, and exotic oud aromas. Let your decadent features be revealed early on with Sex & Jasmine (Libertine Fragrance). Ambre 114 (Histoires de Parfums) will satisfy both sexes with its powdery, amber darkness. And The Lover’s Tale (Francesca Bianchi) gives a romantic edge to the seduction, with leather pairing with jasmine. Fico d’India (Ortigia) rests on cedarwood and fig, when you get much needed sustenance after the debauchery. Naughty you!


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

A lover of freedom, inquisitive, and carefree, you’re the soul of the party, and the one who tells the punchline in every joke. Ruled by the mighty and philosophical Jupiter, you are keen on learning new things at any age, and a good-hearted idealist who does not want to get pinned down.

Lovers of travelling, you are drawn to exotic notes like cognac, and spiritual ones, like incense. Heritage (Fragrance du Bois) packs a journey of mystical frankincense which becomes powdery with orris and deep with precious oud. Baraonda (Nasomatto) brings a delicious brandy and rum chord into the proceedings, for when you let your hair down sipping a good aperitif. Last but not least, for those moments philosophizing on the future, Freeway (4160 Tuesdays) catches the gist with its rubbery tarmac and citrusy tang.


CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Business as usual, is your motto. There is nary a more career or status-oriented sign, nor is anyone more organised, disciplined, and great at handling money. Ruled by the stern Saturn, you tend to intimidate with your formidable qualities. Nevertheless, you hide a softer core, which is sensuous and appreciates caressing your inner eroticism. Notes of stimulating lavender and vetiver, fruity chypres, and softer amber-vanilla create a powerful cocktail for your delectation.

The coolness of Homage to Hemingway (Masque Milano) thanks to its complex mixture of various vetiver essences, plus ginger is great for businessmen. Une Folie de Rose is chic and luxurious and exudes that sophisticated chypre smell we associate with silk and fur. The opulent kimono of Nightingale (Zoologist), with its heart of plum blossoms, on a chypre base, feels like the sine qua non of luxury.


AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Eccentric, mold-breaking, and science-driven. You are the iconoclast of the zodiac, ruled by planet Uranus, the planet of sudden changes. You’re the person who has the best perception of the zeitgeist, and can also predict the future in the arts, in science and style; basically you’re the perfect employer in the media!

For your Age of Aquarius child, we recommend quirky scents, full of green, mineral, and airy notes that resemble your unconventional nature.

Tom of Finland (Etat Libre d’Orange) is perfect for that with its heart of leather, pine, and aldehydes. Or you feel the chills with the green scent Room 237 (Bruno Fazzolari) which was inspired by a certain room in the film The Shining. The more traditionally pretty, green notes of Dryad (Papillon) will soothe you, but will never be boring thanks to inky oakmoss and heady narcissus in its core.


PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Sensitive, artistic, and patient, but you’re also stalwart. Your dreamy nature makes you an enigma to others, but your kind nature draws them in. Pliable like water, you’re ruled by Neptune, the planet that rules the seas. Therefore marine and aqueous scents are your natural territory. Nevertheless don’t feel obligated to contain your individual nature, we know you just long for a bit of softness like in fuzzy fruits and delicate roses. Sex & The Sea (Francesca Bianchi) is tamer than its name, evoking the scent of a body that just took a dip in the ocean, while Costarela (Carner Barcelona) captures the atmosphere of a calm secluded beach rather than the water itself, with its driftwood and white rock. Bleu Abysse (Parfums de Rosine) is both marine and rosy, in a unisex blend with a touch of patchouli that will let your rich imagination run wild…


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