With a unique approach to blending novelty accords and defying convention and expectation, we are excited to introduce Matières Libres as part of our evolving portfolio. Creative Director Rania Naim worked alongside Marie Schnirer and Patrice Revillard of Maelstrom for this range, giving them full license to create, free of limitations. Each fragrance joins two unlikely olfactory partners, with the creativity of the perfumers linking together these ideas with a fresh, unconventional approach.

Datura Amaretti is a gourmand delight - the mesmerising and controlled bittersweetness of sugary Italian almond biscuits meets the nocturnal and heady sweet floral breath of datura. The total result is an unparalleled and showstopping sweet floral.

Patchouli Figue offers a moment of summertime reprieve under a fig tree. Impressions of sweet fruit, verdant tones, and pulpy milky fig settle on the dusky depth of patchouli. This note adds nuances of chocolate, earth, and even a whisper of tobacco - to ultimately create a fig fragrance that, finally, smells like a seriously structured perfume. A fig in context with the unmistakable creative touch.

Absinthe Gaïac is a work of innumerable folds and pleats, where absinthe folds into bitter herbs, spices, and wild florals - softened slightly with fig, pear, and complexified with violet leaf. Guaïac wood radiates with impressions of smoke, tobacco, and tar, layered with leathery notes and nutty, anisic vetiver. A challenge to classify, the work dances around leather, woods, amber, and Fougère classifications.

On the other hand, Rose Agathe dazzles with a surprising metallic top coat - which is intense, modulating, and charged with the spice of biting black pepper, and sparkling elemi. A moody work, this is a rose unlike any other, with petals made of crystal and stems made of metal, a generosity of Turkish rose absolute scintillates against a leathery, ambery background.

Our Education Manager Liam showcases each of the four fragrances in two videos, which you can view on our website. The complete Matières Libres range can be found online, or in our Melbourne boutique at Emporium shopping centre.