With Father’s Day just around the corner for many, let’s take a minute to contemplate just how formative our scented memories of our fathers have been over the years. Fathers, whether biological or adoptive, represent a pillar of safety, as well as the first person to project our need for admiration to. Their habits, their rituals, their mannerisms become the stuff on which we build familiarity or aversion on, and which shape our proclivities for years to come.

Fragrance is no less a ritual than anything else in a man’s daily grooming, what with shaving (or beards-grooming-products, as the trends and personal preferences dictate), or with scenting one’s self for the day or evening ahead. So, offering a fragrance to your father for Father’s Day becomes a powerful symbol of caring. You might want to replenish his favourite, but you might also want to explore something new which tickles both your fancies! Our team, in the belief that sharing is caring, has picked 5 top fragrances for fathers from our evolving catalogue. Be sure to check them out.

Archives 69 

For the father who is sure in himself comes a fragrance as abstract as the mantle of a stealthy super-hero! You would be hard pressed to distinguish amongst the separate notes in Archives 69 and that’s exactly its charm.

The piquant pink pepper and the pepper leaf notes on the top tingle the nostrils, a novel freshness which cuts through your personal space, prompting you to discover more. The woody backdrop is rich in a molecule called Iso-e Super - which lends great projection and lasting power - as well as in sensuous, yet quite respectable musk (clean, not the dirty variety). Those are the elements that make the scent memorable. Archives 69 infiltrates itself to the wearer, makes itself one with the skin. A scent that could become code for comfort and dependability. Mmm...

Bleu Abysse 

For the father who isn’t too precious about adhering to archetypes of masculinity, here is a fragrance inspired by rose, coming from the pre-eminent brand focused on the king of flowers, yet isn’t about rose itself!

Bleu Abysse is vividly blue in atmosphere, recalling the vast expanses of the ocean, and the feeling of elation when close to the moving azure stretches. Its fresh introduction is at once subtly peppery and marine, while the rose heart surfaces soon, lending an abstract feeling of a hidden, salty garden underneath the waves. It’s quite odd and compelling at the same time, thanks to the Algaenone molecule, an innovative synthetic which replicates the smell of algae.

A fragrance that could easily graft itself on to the wearer, lending him an adventurous aura of the great outdoors.


If you really want to spoil your father, there’s no surer bet than the luxurious extrait de parfum concentration bottles by the Italian brand Nasomatto. Beautifully solid, topped with wedge wood caps that display the natural ridges of the tree, they’re beautiful to hold as they’re to wear.

Duro was the company’s first foray into fragrance, and it accordingly embodies everything there is to show for classical masculinity. Woody and chypre-like in equal measure (chypre in perfumery stands for green-mossy scents that recall a forest’s floor), it’s dependable and solid. The spicy tonalities call for attention, while the leather goods “note” lends a luxurious and rather macho mantle.

This is for those men who don’t need to make their presence known. Their reputation precedes them.

Fig Man 

There is something about the shady solace of the fig tree and its evocation of carefree summer days. For the father whom you want to offer a slice of holidays in a bottle, look no further than Fig Man, the fragrance hailing from Barcelona, Spain, where fig trees cast their thick shade unto weary travellers and tourists.

The earthy, green aroma of the fig tree leaves is transformed via the milky aromas of the unripe fruit, which pair excellently with the natural lactones, milky components, of the sandalwood. What distinguishes it is the touch of a cool spice, namely cardamom, common in Middle Eastern coffee making, which gives it a polished finish like pressed khahis on a bright summer’s day on the Med. Just dreamy…

Reve en Cuir 

Every perfumer wants to create their ultimate leather fragrance, because leather stands for excitement, luxury and adventure. It’s also a tricky bag of ingredients to handle expertly in the perfumer’s palette. Leather (i.e. cuir in French) can be too aggressive, too smoky, verging on brutal sometimes, due to the process of tanning. 

Kurkdjian, star perfumer of Indult, reaches the impossible in his typically sophisticated manner: a leather so eerily light and delicious, that one might think it was made by angels working with sugar-spun tools at some mystical cobbler’s place. If you were always afraid of leather, but wanted to experience something akin to suede, rubbed with lots of cloves and vanilla, this is a sure bet. A delicate scent for a sensitive soul.

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