The first Sunday of September is typically reserved for fathers in Australia, and LKNU is keeping this tradition, honouring fathers and father figures in our lives. Let’s take a minute to contemplate just how formative our scented memories of our fathers have been over the years. Fathers, whether biological or adoptive, represent a pillar of safety, as well as the first person to project our need for admiration to. Their habits, their rituals, their mannerisms become the stuff on which we build familiarity or aversion on, and which shape our proclivities for years to come.

Fragrance is no less a ritual than anything else in a man’s daily grooming, what with shaving (or beards-grooming-products, as the trends and personal preferences dictate), or with scenting one’s self for the day or evening ahead. So, offering a fragrance to your father for Father’s Day becomes a powerful symbol of caring. You might want to replenish his favourite, but you might also want to explore something new which tickles both your fancies! Our team, in the belief that sharing is caring, has picked 10 top fragrances for fathers from our evolving catalogue. Be sure to check them out.


For the vivacious, athletic type:

This affable person might find himself attracted to outdoors activities, and therefore bright citrusy notes, maybe green woody scents, or even aquatic fragrances, reflect his favourite environment. He will find them perfect for day-wear as well as when he’s going out, without betraying his character.

If you want to combine both citrus and aquatic, Ljus (Svensk) is the one to choose. Uplifting like a sunny spring day, its exciting note of blood orange instantly brightens the mood, and prepares you for warmer days ahead. Allied to the watery notes is a hint of coriander, smelling of oranges laid on a terracotta bowl, adding just the right smidgeon of piquancy. It dries down to a light, clean musk.

Oud Vert Intense (Fragrance du Bois) on the other hand is a delicate and polished citrusy woody scent, which marries the elegance of hesperides (i.e. citrus fruits with aromatic rinds from which the oils are extracted) with the exhilarating, tropical grass of vetiver, traditionally used in India and Indonesia for its cooling properties. The fragrance feels more green than citrus, and its subtle inclusion of oud offers something totally in vogue.


For the classic, traditional type:

Fougère fragrances are classified under masculine par excellence, so a traditional father might find himself leaning heavily in that direction. You can’t go wrong with a classic composition highlighting lavender, moss and coumarin, the classic chord which makes a virile scent smell so.

Milano Cento Him is the stalwart of this category, as classic as can be, with aromatic accents of rosemary and clary sage boosting the lavender into the clean, lightly medicinal with a clove note. As classic as a power 1980s scent, and at the same time modernized for contemporary audiences.

If your dad is game for a good story, Eight & Bob Original is the scent to pick. Allegedly inspired by a formula commissioned by John F. Kennedy when holidaying as a student on the French Riviera in 1937, and salvaged amidst Nazi-occupied France by its creator into the USA, this elegant cologne thrives on the alliance of salty ambergris and somber cedar with sweet vanilla. Lasting and projecting magnificently, it would end up pleasing everyone around. The sparse architectural bottle comes encased in a cut-out book, to recall its bootlegging out of WWII France; isn’t that inventive.


For the outgoing, social type:

Men with an easy personality, gregarious and talkative tend to be popular in society and their entourage. Their outgoing personality is beautifully reflected in fruity and woody fragrances that combine joy with dependable elements, like the following. 

Ashoka (NVC) is built around a very popular note, that of fig leaves, which evoke the serenity and good humour that comes with seeking solace from the sun under the fig tree. The green woody elements create a sense of Mediterranean escape, while the milky note, owed to cyclic esters, lend a comfy vibe which brings others close by to take further sniffs...

Hacivat (Nishane) is inspired by an elegant character in traditional Shadow Play, and its scent stays true to this goal. Love of art, sociability, attention to detail appear through its marvellous balancing of fruity notes of pineapple, cut with the tartness of grapefruit in order to hold sweetness in check, with the darker backbone of oakmoss. If Aventus is his favorite fragrance, go one better with Hacivat!


For the shy, or the mysterious, introvert type:

These fragrances appeal to more introvert personalities who like to prod and think about things deeper. Patchouli and ambergris, notes with a darker character, as well as animalic elements such as musk and castoreum (a secretion from the nether regions of the beaver) appeal to their inner complexities, without eschewing propriety or good grooming.

Histoires de Parfums creates many wonderful scents, and Noir Patchouli is no exception. The complexity of the dark leather & aged patchouli chord is juxtaposed by a floral part in the heart, of which rose is the secret ingredient. This belies the darker elements and interjects a soapy note. Trippy and wonderful!

Antonio Gardoni’s creation for Mem (Bogue) stands out as a lush, decadent composition which takes lavender, a standard clean note in the centre of the formula, and bathes it in indulgent musky notes of castoreum and civet, as well as unexpected malt, and enlivens it with bright grapefruit. It’s the equivalent of a spy novel, always a twist in the plot!


For the gourmet lover or the connoisseur type:

This man might be the one to best appreciate notes of spices, of resins, like styrax, of leather notes, and/or tonka beans, giving a decadent sweet touch to masculine fragrances.

Chai (Baruti) is a fantasy of a spicy beverage, full of the heavenly goodness of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom which aromatize a classic cup of black tea sipped slowly. Wisely checked in its sweetness by the dryness of the tea chord, and given a jolt by zesty ginger, it’s truly mouthwatering.  

Tom of Finland (Etat Libre d’Orange) is an unusual woody aromatic scent. Inspired by a cult personage, the eponymous Finnish illustrator, this is an oddball of a brandy-style of scent, with leather goods nuances. Fun and clean at the same time, and with a powdery finish that stays dry and smooth, it’s something that requires a taste for fragrance.


Time rolls away and years pass by, but we're the ones to give them shape. And style. This September 6th do celebrate the anchor of the family in true style, and may it bring on many happy memories along the way! You know what they say, smell is the sense most closely tied to memory...


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